12 Mar 2019

The Importance of Office Heating

About Office Heating The 1992 Workplace (Health, Safety & Welfare) Regulations suggests that the minimum temperature in a workplace should be approximately 16 degrees. These are advisory guidelines and not legally binding, however, an employer has …

25 Feb 2019

What Is A Plate Heat Exchanger

What is a Plate Heat Exchanger? A plate heat exchanger is used to transfer heat energy from one fluid to another. These fluids never encounter each other due to being separated by the heat exchanger. Typically, …

18 Feb 2019

Maintaining Your Chiller During The Winter

Now that we are in the midst of winter, it is important that checks are carried out on chillers due to them being particularly susceptible to the cold & poor conditions typical of this period. …

18 Feb 2019

The Importance Of Temperature Control In Schools

Cross Rental Services can provide several heating solutions for various education sector clients. This may range from classroom heating in schools where ageing boilers fail, to supplying temporary boiler plants for Universities, replacing inefficient boilers. The …

25 Jan 2019

Cross Rental Services - Keeping Your Business Warm This Winter


20 Nov 2018

How to heat a marquee

What type of heater makes the best marquee heater? The first step in heating a marquee is determining what heater you will need. You should not use a direct fired heater to heat a marquee due …

20 Nov 2018

What are the advantages of a Condensing Boiler?

What is a Condensing Boiler? A condensing boiler is a highly efficient water heating appliance which can be run on either oil or gas. The boiler burns natural gas to heat the water, in the process …

20 Nov 2018

How to quickly heat your commercial space with clean, dry, warm air

Cross Rental Service's Indirect Fired Heater Range provides clean, dry, warm air for areas such as warehouses, workshops, industrial units & marquees. Designed to be placed outside of the area of operation to minimise footprint, as well as …