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Essential Office Cooling this Summer with Cross Rental Services

When it comes to office cooling we have a great range of units to provide an effective cooling solution. Our expert teams can provide a site survey to assess the site and determine which unit would be best suited to the area.

Meet our range of units for office cooling

Split type air conditioning

Our split pac type hire units are the most effective and ideal solution for cooling office spaces up to 59m² with just a single unit. These units can lower a whole room temperature generating comfort cooling for the entire space required. Split units duct away warm air via umbilical lines of up to 30m. These units offer powerful air conditioning ideal for comfort cooling office teams; as well as server rooms and sensitive equipment.

Would a split type unit suit my office?

Cooling with split type air conditioning works by ducting warm air away via up to 30m of umbilical lines and expelled through an outbox. Choosing this unit would require the installation of an outbox in a location (ideally outside) where the heat can be dispersed.

If there is no way of ducting the heat away with umbilical lines other units may be better suited to cooling the office space.

Evaporative coolers

Evaporative cooler hire units are one of our most popular types of cooling; with great benefits. Providing a great cooling solution; only requiring a domestic power plug and manual water refills via the built in reservoir tank. This completely mobile unit is great for spot cooling and directional cooling in an office environment. 

Our fleet of evaporative cooling units come in a range of sizes and capabilities with small units cooling areas up to 50m² to larger powerful coolers with the ability to cool up to 425m². Our expert team can advise on which unit is ideal for your requirements taking all factors such as space, windows and volume of people in the room – allowing us to accurately calculate which unit would be most valuable for the space.

Benefits of Evaporative Coolers

  • Plug in and go
  • Simple water refills
  • Domestic power plug
  • No ducting, lines or pipework
  • Mobile with wheels – easy to manoeuvre
  • Powerful cooling
  • Great range of sizes and duty

“With limited access to windows in our office, Cross Rental recommended either the Honeywell or Coolspace cooler to provide a cooling effect for our employees. We were very happy with the recommendation and the effect of the coolers – thank you”

Temporary Office Cooling Customer, London

Ducted Air Conditioning

Also in our fleet of portable air conditioning units; a great selection of ducted units. Such as the Trotec 3500, 3900 and 4700 units can cool areas as large as 155m². These units provide powerful cooling and have a small footprint – great for busy office spaces. This option is ducted and works effectively when ducting is placed out of a open window expelling the warm air out of the area.

Large Scale Office Cooling

For large scale cooling solutions our modern chiller hire fleet can be paired with air handling units and overhead ducting to cool large areas; ideal for large open plan office spaces with large teams. Overhead ducting can achieve an even cooling solution similar to split type units by lowering the whole room temperature.

When hiring a temporary chiller; our expert team will come and survey the area to assess the requirements and how the install will achieve required cooling.  Our chillers can be installed onsite by our team of engineers to provide effective large scale cooling.

How do I hire air conditiong?

Our team can assess the area and help provide the air conditioning best suited to your office space – simply call us on 0808 169 1919 or email us at for an instant quote and to book your FREE site survey.