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Spot Cooler Hire – When it comes to spot cooling, our fleet of portable air conditioning hire units will provide powerful cooling for the required areas. Our spot coolers are all fully portable and can be moved from room to room or positioned strategically to cool “hot spots” in offices, warehouses and other areas that may required focused cooling.

Our range of portable spot air conditioning units offer exceptional cooling for what is referred to as ‘hot spots’; areas such personal workspaces, higher traffic areas, heat sensitive storage areas and manufacturing areas where addition heat is created by equipment. Often areas within a larger space which need dedicated cooling would require this type of cooling solution.

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How Spot Cooler Hire Works

Hire Air Conditioning

1 – UK Nationwide Delivery and Install

Cross Rental Services will deliver the Air Conditioning unit to your desired location in the UK. Our engineers will install the unit and provide instruction on how to use it.

Hire Air Conditioning

2 – Hire Period and Rates

Air Con units can be hired for as long as you require and the longer the hire period, the lower our rates become.

Hire Air Conditioning

3 – Help and Maintenance

Cross Rental Services’ team of engineers are available 24/7, just in case you have any questions or problems with the units – give us a call.

Hire Air Conditioning

4 – Off-Hire

When you are finished with the unit, call the Cross Rental Service’s Off-Hire team and we will arrange collection of the equipment.


We have an extensive fleet of cooling solutions; our MCM230 and MCM280 ducted units are ideal to achieve effective spot cooling. Featuring directional ducts allowing the unit to really focus the cooling onto the desired area. These units cool efficiency and with minimum noise through it’s EC (Electronically Commutated) fan technology; with ducting to transfer the heat outside. An effective solution specifically for offices, warehouses, data centres, server rooms and events.

We also have evaporative cooling units which are well suited to spot cooling workshops, warehouses and construction sites. The Coolspace Tall Boy units offer superior cooling and can effectively cool individual work areas effectively. These portable units would benefit spot cooling requirements with complete mobility; featuring wheels to easily manoeuvre into place and the option of using its large reservoir tanks to avoid pipework in busy workshop environments.


Free site survey

Planned or emergency hire

Highly qualified, experienced team of engineers

24/7/365 support

UK Nationwide coverage

Fast delivery

Bespoke spot cooling solutions can also be provided by our expert team of engineers to create a well suited install for the environment. This includes installs using chillers paired with air handers and over head ducting; an install such as this would have strategically placed vents within the ducting to cool the whole area evenly and achieving maximum comfort cooling to the client. For further details our expert team are available to answer any questions 24/7/365.


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"Warehouse Team Cooling"

“Our warehouse team needed small direct air conditioning units for the hot summer months – and Cross Rental Services provided an excellent service – thank you”

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"Event Air Conditioning"

“For our outdoor event we needed units to blow cold air towards high volume areas such as bars and seating areas. Cross Rental Services provided us with great Coolspace Blizzard units! Which worked fantastically! “

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"Busy Car Workshop"

“We wanted to cool our engineers and the Coolspace Flurry did the job perfectly – Very happy – will definitely use Cross Rental Services again next summer!”