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Portable Heating

Heater Hire - Range shot of various heater units

Some applications simply require a fast, effective, robust heating solution. In these situations, Cross Rental Services has one of the largest, most versatile heat for hire fleets in the UK. We can tailor a solution to exactly meet your needs.

Ideal for commercial premises, offices, care homes and retail, our range of small electric heaters can really turn up the heat when needed.  Due to their compact design, they can be positioned right where the heat is needed helping provide a comfortable, safe working environment.

Our knowledgeable team can help you decide on the best solution for your building environment; and unlike other hire companies, the Cross Rental Services experience doesn’t end when you place an order. Our experienced delivery teams will position and check the units, instruct you on safe operation and ensure you’re totally satisfied before leaving site.

Our larger 3 phase electric heaters are extremely versatile and can provide a clean, efficient source of heat across a multitude of applications from garages and showrooms, manufacturing, leisure, large retail facilities, through to film and TV locations. We can provide a robust solution to your requirement.  

heater hire

When large volumes of heat are required, we have a vast selection of indirect fired oil heaters. With packages from 25kW to multi-mega-watt we have yet to find a space we can’t heat. The units can be configured to provide full fresh air, ideal if you’re trying to increase ventilation into an area or recirculate air should your existing ventilation be adequate.

In warehouses, we can provide background heat to ensure the welfare needs of your staff are met or a fully designed system to ensure your products are kept to a required temperature and relative humidity.

Whatever the space or complexities on site, Cross Rental Services will be able to provide a turnkey installation to suit your needs and your budget.

When it comes to large spaces such as aircraft hangers we have worked on both commercial and military sites to provide large volumes of heat. We can ensure both your people and equipment are kept at the optimum temperatures.

We regularly provide heating solutions into distribution hubs where doors are constantly in use, and people are on the move. For example, food and beverage factories where hygiene is of highest importance and temperature is critical for the manufacturing process.

We have also installed heating systems in busy airports, petrochemical sites, pharmaceutical manufacturers and agricultural companies. 

For larger projects like these, we have a team of technical designers and project managers to make sure even the most complex jobs go with the minimum of fuss.