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Cross Rental Services are on hand to deliver comfort through our wide range of portable heating – whatever your requirement. Our portable heating range includes electric fan, convection heaters, direct, indirect fired gas and oil heaters, ranging from 3kW to 220kW – for small space heating to large industrial and commercial heating.

Cross Rental’s nationwide team will deliver within 24 hours anywhere in the country; as well as installing and commissioning your units to make sure your solution delivers what you need.



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Heater Hire

1 – Specification

Our team of specialists will help you understand your requirement via our 24/7 phone service or via a free site survey.

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2 – Same Day Delivery

Our nationwide delivery and installation team will deliver your heaters or air conditioning units within 24 hours of order at an agreed location.

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3 – Placement and Installation

Our delivery and installation team will also install the units for maximum heating or cooling impact and minimum fuss.

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4 – Handover and Maintenance

Cross Rental Services will manage all elements of onsite services if required until the conclusion of the hire, from power management to fuel management to our 24/7 call out service.


Cross Rental Services have invested in the highest quality HVAC equipment from suppliers such as Coolspace, Broughtons, Novaerus, Arcotherm and Thermobile; with every piece of hire equipment is serviced as new prior to hire. Some of our extensive range is also available to purchase – see our “HVAC Sales” section to view the full range of options and seek advice on what’s right for you.

Our indirect fired heaters are perfect for heating marquees. These marquee heaters are ideal due to them having the benefit of being positioned outside of the marquee where they are unobtrusive to duct in clean, warm and dry air.


In order to work out the best solution for your heating requirements, our engineers need to make calculations to work out how many heaters or which heaters will effectively heat the space. Before you call, if you can obtain any of the following information, this will help our engineers with your enquiry – If you don’t have the answers to these questions, we can still help you!:

– Room/Space Dimensions L/W/H – Our engineers require the dimensions of the space you want to heat, or a rough idea of size, in order to work out the kW duty. With that information we can provide an effective heating solution and accurately quote

– Onsite Power – We need to understand what power you have on site, either standard UK 3 Pin, to 3 Phase. With this information we can suggest the most effective equipment to heat your space

– People/Equipment – How many people work in the space? Is there any equipment generating heat, such as computers or machinery? These add heat to the space so we need to add this information to our calculations

– Space/Spot Heating or Full Building – Do you need spot heating, just where products are kept or people are working? Or do you require the whole space to be heated?

– Insulation – How well insulated is your building, does it hold the heat or is it lost through the ceiling?

– Hire Duration – How long do you require the heaters, short or long term? – you can hire heaters for either a one day event, or long term for years – for as long as you need

– Desired Temperature – Do you have a requirement for a specific minimum temperature for the space?

– Outside Space – Is there any outside space to situate an IDF Heater and windows or doors to duct the heating in? If an IDF Heater is the most effective solution


Free site survey

Planned or emergency boiler hire

Highly qualified, experienced team of engineers

24/7/365 support

UK Nationwide coverage

Fast Delivery

Through being based outside of the marquee, the heater has the added advantage of creating little noise. All of our heater hire equipment can be combined with adjustable thermostats, humidistats and ducting in various sizes. Our indirect heaters also have the added benefit of timer compatibility allowing you to provide temporary heating at times which work for your business.

Cross Rental Services’ range of electric heaters are able to cover a wide scope of heating requirements. The small FF3 portable heater is ideal for office heating while the larger FF42 unit is ideal for industrial heating.


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Office Heating

“Our office reception area needed some additional heating; the door was open letting cold air in every time people entered. Cross Rental Services provided a great temporary solution to keep the area warm. Great service and equipment!”


Event Space Heaters

“We required heating in a large marquee during out winter event; to keep our guests warm. Excellent set up and heating output from Cross Rental Services! Thanks!”

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Site Heating

“Site teams required heating when working outdoors on site – keeping workers warm in the winter is essential. Cross Rental Services provided a great solution well suited to site.”