Split PAC Hire – Split type units are ideal across a wide range of sectors including; office spaces, conference rooms, data centres, server rooms, shops and commercial spaces.

Split types offer exceptional cooling by lowering the whole room temperature. This is achieved by expelling the heat from the room to the external box; known as a out box or hex box. This box blasts out the hot air via up to 30m of umbilical lines. The unit inside the room blows out cool air whilst removing warm air allowing for a whole room cooling solution to be achieved.


Water Cooled Split Type MCWS250

Water Cooled Split Type MCWS220

Perfect for applications where heat cannot be ducted from the source, such as server rooms, this split type air conditioning unit offers unrivalled cooling. 6.4 kW of air conditioning is delivered through the internal unit, connected to an external heat exchange box capable of being placed up to 30M away.


Water Cooled Split Type MCWS500

Creating 14.6 kW of cooling and based on the same design as the MCWS250; this split type water cooled air conditioning unit is the ideal cooling solution for server rooms and data centres. It’s the most powerful portable split type unit on the market, small footprint, powerful and easy to manoeuvre, cable of being placed 35M away from the external heat exchange box.

When it comes to comfort cooling this is the ideal solution. Our split type air conditioning can achieve a whole room up to 59m² of even cooling – this is great for people cooling solutions as well as storage areas for products or equipment.


Up to 30m of ducting via umbilical lines

Cool air for up to 59m²

Lower whole room temperature

Expels warm air via out box which can be placed outside

How Air Con Hire Works

Hire Air Conditioning

1 – UK Nationwide Delivery and Install

Cross Rental Services will deliver the Air Conditioning unit to your desired location in the UK. Our engineers will install the unit and provide instruction on how to use it.

Hire Air Conditioning

2 – Hire Period and Rates

Air Conditioning units can be hired for as long as you require and the longer the hire period, the lower our rates become.

Hire Air Conditioning

3 – Help and Maintenance

Cross Rental Services’ team of engineers are available 24/7/365, just in case you have any questions or problems with the units – give us a call.

Hire Air Conditioning

4 – Off-Hire

When you are finished with the unit, call the Cross Rental Service’s off-hire team and we will arrange collection of the equipment.


This unit can come with up to 30m of umbilical lines to expel warm air. The outbox can be placed either indoor or outdoors – into a space where warm air can be dispersed. The umbilical lines can come in any length up to 30m; efficiency wise these work best when there is no excess or slack. We have various lengths of lines and can accommodate requirements allowing for the most effective cooling solution for your business.

We highly recommend split air conditioning solutions when it comes to data centres and server rooms. Often with other types of air conditioning such as evaporative cooling moisture is added to the air which over time can be damaging to servers and vital equipment. The split type units however do not add any moisture in their process of cooling. Warm air is simply removed and cool air is replaced; making it ideal for this setting.


Free site survey

Planned or emergency hire

Highly qualified, experienced team of engineers

24/7/365 support

UK Nationwide coverage

Fast delivery


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"Quick and easy solution"

“We hired several units with Cross Rental Services and they arrived the next day! The engineer set everything up and showed us how to use the air conditioning – everything was great. Really quick and easy solution and all round brilliant service.”

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"Great Server Room Cooling"

“Our sever room cooling system required maintenance so during this period we needed to hire temporary units. Cross Rental Services did a great job and we’d highly recommend their service.”

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"Extra Cooling in a Heatwave"

Our existing air conditioning system was incapable of cooling effectively during a heatwave – we hired a few additional units from Cross Rental Services (which were great). Team were super helpful and delivered the next day!