Remote Telemetry - Cross Rental Services


cross rental services

Bespoke Telemetry Installation

Our remote telemetry can be installed on our boiler and chiller systems; allowing us to monitor performance remotely. Once set up live parameters can easily be viewed via our web portal

cross rental services

Remote Monitoring

Power supply, flow and return water temps, pump speed, fault notifications and live fuel readings; any faults or updates will automatically be recognised and sent as an alert to your designated team

cross rental services

Live Data Reporting

We can fully manage fuel usage, temperatures and power supply using this system; and where required feedback and report on all history of the unit

Fuel Management

With remote monitoring of fuel levels we can schedule fuel deliveries to meet your specific needs – Keeping track of usage fluctuations

Fault Notifications

Receive instant alerts via SMS or email when a fault occurs – this will be sent to an engineer and our team to resolve as quickly as possible and minimise downtime

Room Monitoring

For close temperature control multiple room temperature probes can be installed – Ideal for critical climate controlled storage applications

Remote Burner Resets

Allows remote resetting of the burner in event of a lockout. Maintaining services without the need for an engineer to attend site