A Total Fuel Management Solution

Management and Call Out Service

Cross Rental Services support our customers' hire requirements with a full fuel management service, to ensure uninterrupted service and allow our customers to focus on what's important. This means that we can manage weekly fuel requirements and top ups or support emergency requirements.

Fully Bunded Fuel Tanks

Cross Rental Services can provide bunded fuel tanks to support our heating and cooling solutions; fully secured and compliant with all current environmental legislation whilst providing total mitigation against spillages onsite.

  • 100 litre to 9000 litre tanks
  • Fully bunded steel construction


Cross Rental Services offer remote monitoring for fuel on our bunded fuel tanks for oil boilers and oil fired heaters; as well as performance data on our boiler and chiller hire range. This means that whatever you hire, we can give you total peace of mind, be it fault finding or fuel monitoring.





Diesel Oil Fuel Management

  • Fully managed service; 7 days a week
  • Nationwide delivery
  • For boilers and oil fired heaters
  • Emergency requirements
  • Regular top ups
  • Operated through fully bunded fuel tanks

Remote fuel monitoring

  • Fuel tank telemetry available for all Cross Rental Services fuel tanks
  • Complete visibility of fuel usage and levels to ensure effective fuel management
  • Manage all tanks on hire at any given time
  • Confirm fuel deliveries and manage fuel to completion of hire for cost efficiency

LPG Gas Management

  • Fully managed service; 7 days a week
  • Nationwide
  • For gas fired heaters
  • 11kg - 47k propane bottles
  • Full change out service where required

Boiler/Chiller Performance Management

  • Measure hire equipment performance
  • Choose variables to measure and ensure total visbility of all key metrics (e.g. flow and return temperatures)
  • Fault alarms are displayed allowing remote diagnostics

Fuel Tank Range


500 Litre Fuel Tank – Western Global TransCube 05TCG

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1000 Litre Fuel Tank – Western Global TransCube 10TCG

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2000 Litre Fuel Tank – Western Global TransCube 20TCG

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3000 Litre Fuel Tank – Western Global TransCube 30TCG

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4500 Litre Fuel Tank – Western Global TransCube 50TCG

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