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Cross Rental Services: UK Heating and Cooling Specialists

Cross Rental Services have been delivering best in class equipment hire to commercial businesses in the UK and Ireland for the past 16 years; with nationwide delivery, expert install and top of the range hire units.

Our product offering is focussed on future facing technology, from low emission condensing boilers to high efficiency chillers, to the highest grade air purification units.

Find out more about our extensive hire fleet and expert engineers below.

Our Boiler Fleet

Cross Rental Services offer a comprehensive range of boiler hire options all designed and assembled at our UK facility. Packaged, containerised and trailer options 22kW to 2MW and multi-megawatt packages – available to hire with condensing, modular, low NOx and high efficiency options.

Our boiler hire solutions; suitable for both hot water and heating purposes are available to hire nationwide. Whether you have planned maintenance; or an unexpected breakdown give Cross Rental Services a call, and we can provide you with everything you need to have a boiler with you within 24 hours.

This year we have designed and built our largest duty containerised packaged boiler. These 2MW boilers are built in house by our expert team of engineers; using high quality components in a single 20 foot container and capable of working on natural gas or oil. The 2MW boiler offers the perfect solution for temporary boiler installations where high output is required.

Our smallest boiler package; the 22kW electric portable boiler is ideal for efficiently speeding up the drying process and keeping your construction on course. A small portable unit that has big capabilities; available to dry hire or to be set up and installed by our team of engineers.

Our Chiller Fleet

We have an unrivalled chiller fleet that can achieve your cooling requirements. With units ranging from 5kW to 750kW as singular standalone units; as well as pairing chillers to provide larger multi-megawatt packages. Our chillers can operate with an outlet temperature range of +20°c to -10°c making them suitable for any and all cooling applications.

We can provide cooling solutions for large applications; with a chiller fleet of units up to 750kW or using multiple units to provide a multi-megawatt package. Often used to provide air conditioning and process cooling these units can create effective cooling for our clients across a range of sectors – from hospitals, offices, warehousing, and manufacturing.

Chiller hire with Cross Rental Services can provide your business with effective cooling solutions. With a free site survey with one of our expert chiller engineers to assess your specific requirements; allowing our team to provide the exact chiller to achieve desired cooling. Our expert teams can provide bespoke installations; connecting onto clients existing pipework and systems, as well as installing as a standalone package with air handling units.

Our Portable Air Conditioning Fleet

With an extensive modern range of air conditioning units Cross Rental Services can provide a cooling solution to suit any and all applications. Our ducted, split type and evaporative coolers are all delivered and installed nationwide within hours of initial contact.

The Cross Rental Services extensive fleet of Evaporative cooling hire units come in a range of sizes and capabilities with small units cooling areas up to 50m² to larger powerful coolers with the ability to cool up to 425m². Our expert team can advise on which unit is ideal for your requirements taking all factors such as space, windows and amount of people in the room – allowing us to accurately calculate which unit would be most effective for the space.

Hire Air Conditioning

Split pac hire ac offer exceptional cooling by lowering the whole room temperature. This is achieved by expelling the heat from the room to the external box; known as an out box or hex box. This box blasts out the hot air via up to 30m of umbilical lines. The unit inside the room blows out cool air whilst removing warm air allowing for a whole room cooling solution to be achieved.

We have a great range of portable ducted air conditioning units great for cooling; and exhausting hot air away via ducting. A fleet of powerful temporary cooling solutions – a large fleet of units and ever growing; with new units being added to our range regularly to maintain and expand with top of the line innovation.

Our Portable Heater Range

Our large portable heating hire range includes electric, convection, infrared heaters, direct, indirect fired gas and oil heaters; ranging from 3kW to 250kW. A fleet range that is ideal for small space heating to large industrial and commercial heating. With such an extensive range – rest assured we will have a solution for your heating requirements.

With expert guidance, free site surveys prior to delivery and installation and 24/7/365 support nationwide. 

Heater Hire - Range shot of various heater units

Air Purification Hire

At Cross Rental Services we are constantly researching the market to bring you the most technologically advanced equipment available today. Portable air purification equipment suitable for any environment, from hospitals to offices. Perfect for providing a clean air environment with built in highest HEPA H14 air filters and thermal virus deactivation.

These units are able to create virus free clean air zones in workplaces or public areas. Our expert team can advise on how many units will be needed to efficiently clean the air in the space required.

  • Efficiently clean the air and help prevent virus spread
  • Work in conjunction with PEE and regular cleaning
  • Highest hospital grade HEPA H14 filter
  • Simple plug in and go units – no fuss, simple and ready to go

Our Team of Engineers

The Cross Rental Services team are fully certified with F Gas, Gas Safe, OFTEC, IPAF and ADR qualifications, with years of hands on experience in a variety of sectors. Together with a free site survey Cross Rental Services will give you an application specific and expertly tailored solution.