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Evaporative Cooler Hire – Our fleet of Evaporative cooling units come in a range of sizes and capabilities with small units cooling areas up to 50m² to larger powerful coolers with the ability to cool up to 425m². Our expert team can advise on which unit is ideal for your requirements taking all factors such as space, windows and amount of people in the room – allowing us to accurately calculate which unit would be most effective for the space.

We have a UK exclusive partnership with Coolspace; who have created an unrivalled fleet of evaporative coolers from the Coolspace Wave and Flurry ideal for small areas or spot cooling to the Coolspace Avalanche and Blizzard; well suited for large, open areas and outdoor settings.

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How Evaporative Cooler Hire Works

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1 – UK Nationwide Delivery and Install

Cross Rental Services will deliver the air conditioning unit to your desired location in the UK. Our engineers will install the unit and provide instruction on how to use it.

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2 – Hire Period and Rates

Air conditioning units can be hired for as long as you require and the longer the hire period, the lower our rates become.

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3 – Help and Maintenance

Cross Rental Services’ team of engineers are available 24/7, just in case you have any questions or problems with the units – give us a call.

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4 – Off-Hire

When you are finished with the unit, call the Cross Rental Service’s off-hire team and we will arrange collection of the equipment.


These units have a simple yet effective design; using hot air temperatures to evaporate water and create a cooling effect. Hot, dry air is sucked into the back of the unit and passed through an evaporative pad. The evaporative pad is soaked in water using either the reservoir tank or a constant flow of water from a standard hose attachment. As this hot, dry air passes through the pad it evaporates the water particles removing heat energy. This cooled air is then blown through the vents at the front of the units.

Evaporative cooling is also an ideal solution for outdoor cooling. Great for events, festivals, beer gardens and outdoor sports. Specifically using the Coolspace Avalanche and Blizzard to cool outdoors areas would create superior cooling; due to their size and output capabilities.


Free site survey

Planned or emergency hire

Highly qualified, experienced team of engineers

24/7/365 support

UK Nationwide coverage

Fast delivery

Our evaporative cooler range offers exceptional cooling capabilities with simple installation; requiring either a constant water flow from a domestic hose point or manual water fills using the reservoir tank. The use of the reservoir tank makes these units incredibly versatile; allowing our clients to position exactly where required without having to worry about ducting requirements or complex installs.

Evaporative cooling is a brilliant solution for a range of sectors; creating effective cooling for logistics, warehousing, construction, manufacturing and events to name a few. These water cooled units however do not lend themselves to areas such as data centres and server rooms due to the process of cooling adding moisture to the air; potentially damaging sensitive equipment.


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Comfort Cooling

“We wanted to provide some comfort cooling for our customers, so when they entered the building they were cool – We hired a coolspace unit for the summer and that attention to detail helped increase our sales, very happy!”

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“With limited access to windows in our office, Cross Rental recommended either the Honeywell or Coolspace cooler to provide a cooling effect for our employees. We were very happy with the recommendation and the effect of the coolers – thank you”

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Outside Space

“We wanted to cool an outside space and the coolspace did the job perfectly – Very happy – will definatley use CRS again next summer!”