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Construction – How we Support our Clients on Site.

Containerised Boiler Hire for Construction

With containerised boilers ranging from 100kW to 2000kW we can support any and all heating and hot water requirements. With applications in the construction industry varying from assisting with screed drying to heating and hot water for housing development stages.

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Often when the plant room in a new development is still in progress; heating and hot water may be required in existing houses/offices/public spaces. Our boilers can provide this service as a long or short term solution whilst construction continues.

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22kW Electric Boiler for Screed Drying

Often the construction sector use our units to assist with the screed drying process. We have a range of boilers ideal for this application; starting with our portable 22kW electric boiler. Completely manoeuvrable with a ‘hand truck’ or ‘sack truck’ style design – easy to wheel into position and use where required. This style unit is often used where various areas of screen require drying; the units are able to be moved area to area.

Alternatively our large containerised boilers can also be used to assist with the screed drying process – with a higher duty and pumps these units are great for screed drying on multi-level building sites.

22kw boiler

Heating for Construction Site Teams

Our El-Björn range of heaters are robust and practical; featuring corrosion resistant galvanized sheet steel. Ideal for site use; effectively keeping construction teams warm – with a unique design to disperse heat evenly. The units are simple plug in and go; and are easy to manoeuvre to required locations on site.

When it comes to outdoor heating requirements our indirect fired range excel; effective directional heat – with units ranging from 19kW to 375kW therefore giving our clients a wide range of options to suit each site. Our range of indirect fired heaters have two types of fuel tank options dependant on the unit. With some heating units having a built in belly tank such as the EC85; storing 105l of fuel sufficient for up to 12 hours of continuous use. Alternatively, to this our jumbo units require an external fuel tank; Cross Rental Service can provide this service with fuel management and remote telemetry add ons.        

Indirect Fired heater on Construction site

Why hire heaters from Cross Rental Services?

  • 110v options for site use
  • Fuel and electric options
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Built to suit industrial use

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