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Temporary Boiler Plant Rooms & Their Benefit for Your Business

What is a Temporary Boiler Plant Room?

A temporary boiler plant room is a mobile packaged boiler hire solution which can provide heating or hot water for any commercial/industrial application.

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Options Available For Your Business

Planned Boiler Hire – If you have a boiler hire solution planned for the foreseeable future then Cross Rental Services are able to help you prepare through free site surveys which can accurately specify the correct equipment required for the job. Planned temporary boiler solutions tend to be put in place while existing boilers are swapped out & replaced with new units. Below are a number of examples where we have worked closely with a client to provide an efficient & stress-free boiler hire solution:

Planned Boiler Hire to support Assisted Living Flats

Boiler Hire to support Construction Drying

Supporting University Hot Water Services through Planned Boiler Rental

Emergency Boiler Hire – If an ageing boiler has failed & a solution is required promptly, Cross Rental Services are able to roll out an emergency solution in no time. A site survey can be arranged as soon as possible & a temporary boiler plant room delivered within 48 hours. Please find below a number of case studies where this has been put into action:

Emergency 1.2 MW Boiler for a Laboratory

Emergency Boiler Plant Room to support a School during Winter

600kW Boiler Hire Solution to support Heating & Hot Water Services

Contingency Boiler Hire – Cross Rental Services are able to provide a contingency plan with a temporary boiler plant room in the event that a boiler on your site fails. Please find below an example of a previous occasion where Cross Rental Services made use of a contingency plan. For this example, a temporary boiler room was provided to cover heating and hot water if there was an issue on site with the existing boiler:

Contingency Boiler Plan to support Residential Tower Blocks

Durable & Manoeuvrable

Durability – All of our boilers are housed in steel insulated containers which are thermal, vandal & sound proof. The steel container also has the added benefit of durability in poor weather conditions & the ease of delivering the temporary boiler plant room to site.

Planned Boiler Hire

Manoeuvrability – Cross Rental Services have recently added a trailerised boiler range to our fleet for increased manoeuvrability. Through being packaged in a smaller space this provides your business with more space on site & reduces the overall weight of the boiler. Our trailerised boiler range is also condensing which helps reduce the carbon footprint produced by the boiler & provides a high efficiency alternative to a conventional temporary boiler.

Condensing Boiler

Fuel Sources

Temporary Boiler Plant Rooms can be supplied to run on fuel sources which work for your business.

  • Electric – Our electric boiler range is suitable for a number of sectors whether that is construction, facilities management or the public sector. Uses of the 22kW electric boiler differ from underfloor heating to screed drying.
  • Natural Gas – Our temporary boiler plant rooms are compatible with natural gas with them easily being connected to an existing gas supply. If needed, Cross Rental Services can supply a flue dilution system with the boiler. A flue dilution system is required to disperse emissions produced in the combustion process at low levels.
  • Oil – All of our boilers are compatible with oil when combined with an external fuel tank. Cross Rental Services are able to provide a full fuel management service so that the temporary boiler room is always running. Telemetry is part of this service with Cross Rental Services monitoring when a boiler is low & informing your business of the fuel consumption on site.

1.2MW Boiler



Whether it is small or large scale, Cross Rental Services can cover all needs through a boiler fleet ranging from 22kW – 1.2MW:

  • District Energy Management
  • Space Heating
  • Event Heating
  • Warehouse Heating
  • Manufacturing
  • Universities & Schools
  • Factories
  • Offices & Leisure Centres
  • Housing & Flats


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