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What is a Dirt and Air Separator?

Air and dirt separators eliminate both air bubbles and dirt particles. This blend of two roles in a single unit allows savings in time and cost.

Cross Rental Services often use the addition of an air and dirt separator in order to avoid complications such as corrosion in heating pipework systems and failure of pumps.

Debris gathering in the temporary boiler system may cause the efficiency of the boiler to reduce or cause damage to the boiler itself.

The installation of an air and dirt separator can safeguard the temporary boiler plant; therefore reducing the chances of corrosion, failure and further issues.

Dirt and Air separator
Dirt and air separator

The design.

The dirt and air separator unit is manufactured from epoxy coated steel with a stainless steel internal element. The construction of this dirt and air separator allows it to be maintained and cleaned without removing it from the system.

Our dirt and air separators are equipped with an air release valve; which has the dual function of releasing large quantities of air when the system is being filled, in addition to removing any debris that rises to surface of the water.

Our unit has a collection chamber equipped with a ball shut-off valve which means impurities can be expelled while the system is in operation. The use of a dirt and air separator has the additional benefit of reducing installation and commissioning time; eliminating air locks in the system before issues occur.

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Boiler Installation
Boiler Installation

How is the dirt and air removed?

The design of this ancillary allows the potentially dirty water to separate into three categories; air, debris and clean water. To do this the water passes through the vessel. This is where the air can rise and escape through the air vents at the top of the unit. The debris due to its weight will fall to the bottom of the chamber where it can be easily manually removed.

This dirt and air separator is capable of automatically removing all the air present in the system down to micro-bubble size. The dirt and air separator has a large air collection chamber. Allowing our unit to accommodate a large volume of air before being released automatically via the air vent at the top of the vessel.

Dirt and air separator

Key Points

  • The chamber design allows solid particles that are heavier than water to settle and be collected in the bottom of the dirt chamber.
  • Simple dirt drainage using the manual valve.
  • Air escapes through automatic air vent at top of the chamber.
  • Improves the boilers efficiency and prevents damage to pipework and boiler system.
  • Ideal for older systems with potentially boiler damaging debris.
  • This ancillary product is available to use on both boiler and chiller systems.

How does Cross Rental Services use dirt and air seperators?

At Cross Rental Services we offer a full range of ancillaries; suitable for both our temporary boiler and chiller packages. Our ancillaries are custom built to support the requirements dependant on the site and application.

We build all of our temporary boilers in our Andover facility; our expert engineers have built in dirt and air separators into our new 100kw trailer boiler.

Cross Rental Services carry out expert site surveys prior to temporary boiler hire; where we can determine and recommend the use of a dirt and air separator where required. Our dirt and air separators are skid mounted and can be installed on site where required by our team of engineers.

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