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The Importance Of Temperature Control In Schools

Cross Rental Services can provide several heating solutions for various education sector clients. This may range from classroom heating in schools where ageing boilers fail, to supplying temporary boiler plants for Universities, replacing inefficient boilers.

The Education School Premises Regulation of 1999 set out various guidelines regarding the minimum temperatures appropriate for schools:

  • In areas where there is a lower than normal level of activity such as in sick rooms the appropriate minimum temperature is 21˚C.
  • In areas where there is a normal level of physical activity such as in classrooms, the temperature should be at least 18˚C.
  • In areas where there is a higher than normal level of physical activity such as in gymnasiums/sports halls, the temperature should be set at a minimum level of 16˚C.

Therefore, it is paramount when dealing with boiler failure to get a temporary heating solution in place as soon as possible to prevent the risk of closure and to help maintain the well-being of school’s students.

School Emergency Heating

Boiler Solutions – Getting you back to business as usual 

Cross Rental Services can support schools through several boiler hire solutions, whether it is for an emergency boiler hire or a planned boiler hire during the school holidays.

As well as having a selection of boiler hire options, Cross Rental Services also have a versatile range of temporary boilers to suit your needs. For example, the temporary 300kW boiler a school may be hiring over the winter period may not be necessary for the summer period due to the increase in temperature. Thus, Cross Rental can provide a flexible boiler hire solution in which this boiler could seamlessly be changed when the summer period is reached with a boiler of lower capacity to provide heating & hot water all year round.

If there is little space on site for the temporary boiler, then this is no issue with a 100kW trailerised condensing boiler being part of the Cross Rental boiler range, helping to provide an efficient solution in a reduced space giving the school’s occupants the freedom to move around.

Condensing Boiler

Heating/Cooling options

Boilers are not the only the only available heating option for schools this winter with Cross Rental Services housing a heater range stretching from 3kW – 230kW. The applications of these heating solutions may differ from space heating in classrooms & libraries to the use of indirect heaters to provide heating for halls & lecture theatres.  Furthermore, air conditioning units can be provided for cooling classrooms during hot summers.

Heater Types