500kW Gas Burner


500kW Gas Burner designed for use in low/medium temperature hot water boilers, hot air or steam boilers, diathermic oil boilers able to respond to any request for residential heating.

  • 500kW Gas fired burner
  • Used in residential heating
  • Microprocessor-based burner safety control box
  • Output: 192/465-814 kW
  • Low noise level ensured through sound proofing material
Servomotor Type
Servomotor Type General


Fan Type
Fan Type General


LPG Gas Delivery
LPG Gas Delivery General

7.4/18-32 Nm³/h

LPG Gas Density
LPG Gas Density General

2.02 kg/Nm³

Net Calorific Value LPG Gas
Net Calorific Value LPG Gas General

25.8 kWh/Nm³

G25 Gas Density
G25 Gas Density General

0.78 kg/Nm³

G25 Gas Delivery
G25 Gas Delivery General

22/54-95 Nm³/h

Temperature Range
Temperature Range General


Net Calorific Value G25 Gas
Net Calorific Value G25 Gas General

8.6 kWh/Nm³

G20 Gas Delivery
G20 Gas Delivery General

19/46.5-81.4 Nm³/h

G20 Gas Density
G20 Gas Density General


Net Calorific Value G20 Gas
Net Calorific Value G20 Gas General


Servomotor Run Time
Servomotor Run Time General

15 Seconds

Motor Start up Current
Motor Start up Current General

25-14.6 Amps

Heat Output
Heat Output General


Power Supply
Power - Supply - General

230-400v 50Hz 3ph

Burner Operation Mode
Burner Operation Mode General

Two Stage

Control Box
Control Box General

RMG 88.620A2

Noise Level
Sound - Level - General

75 dBA @ 10 mtrs

Total Electrical Power
Total Electrical Power General


Motor Electrical Power
Motor Electrical Power General


Rated Motor Current
Rated Motor Current General

4.8-2.8 Amps

Dimensions (WxDxH)
Dimensions - wxdxh - General

511 x 840 x 555mm

Motor Protection Level
Motor Protection Level General

IP 54

Protection Level
Protection Level General

IP 44

CO Emissions
CO Emissions General

<40 mg/kWh

NOx Emissions
NOx Emissions General

<120 mg/kWh

Conforming to
Conforming to General


Optional Ancillary Equipment