100kW Gas Burner


100kW Gas Burner able to respond to any request for residential heating.

  • 100kW Gas fired burner
  • Output: 95-240kW
  • Used in residential heating
  • Low noise level
  • Safe working
Servomotor Type
Servomotor Type General


Fan Type
Fan Type General


LPG Gas Delivery
LPG Gas Delivery General

3.1-8.5 Nm³/h

LPG Gas Density
LPG Gas Density General

2.02 kg/Nm³

Net Calorific Value LPG Gas
Net Calorific Value LPG Gas General

25.8 kWh/Nm³

G25 Gas Density
G25 Gas Density General

9.4-25.6 Nm³/h

G25 Gas Delivery
G25 Gas Delivery General

0.78 kg/Nm³

Temperature Range
Temperature Range General


Net Calorific Value G25 Gas
Net Calorific Value G25 Gas General

8.6 kWh/Nm³

G20 Gas Delivery
G20 Gas Delivery General

9.4-25.6 Nm³

G20 Gas Density
G20 Gas Density General


Net Calorific Value G20 Gas
Net Calorific Value G20 Gas General


Servomotor Run Time
Servomotor Run Time General

6-38 seconds

Motor Start up Current
Motor Start up Current General

5.6 Amps

Heat Output
Heat Output General


Power Supply
Power - Supply - General

230v 1ph 50Hz

Burner Operation Mode
Burner Operation Mode General

Single Stage

Control Box
Control Box General

RMG 88.620A2

Noise Level
Sound - Level - General

72 dBA @ 10 mtrs

Total Electrical Power
Total Electrical Power General


Motor Electrical Power
Motor Electrical Power General


Rated Motor Current
Rated Motor Current General

1.4 Amps

Dimensions (WxDxH)
Dimensions - wxdxh - General


Motor Protection Level
Motor Protection Level General

IP 20

Protection Level
Protection Level General

IP 40

CO Emissions
CO Emissions General

<40 mg/kWh

NOx Emissions
NOx Emissions General

<120 mg/kWh

Conforming to
Conforming to General


Transformer Type
Transformer Type General

Separated from the control box

Optional Ancillary Equipment