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Bespoke Boiler Solution for Redevelopment Project

The Challenge

Our client required a containerised boiler system during a large scale redevelopment project; converting a listed warehouse building into luxury accommodation and commercial space. The project specification required a packaged boiler system to allow for hot water and heating to existing residential properties as well as supplying to the site during redevelopment of the building.

Meeting the clients specification was vital to a smooth redevelopment meaning Cross Rental Services were required to bespoke build and tailor to this project. Cross Rental Services are required to provide a boiler solution to work with the existing system and effectively provide a peak demand of 1042kW.

The Solution

A bespoke solution was required to incorporate all of the clients requirements;

  • To meet the clients duty requirements we delivered and installed two 600kW oil-fired boilers.
  • Fuel telemetry system built into fuel tanks which means that we can remotely monitor levels ensuring that fuel refills can be efficiently arranged.
  • Dirt separator in district heating return pipework; cleaning the water from impurities that may lead to inefficiencies.
  • Ancillary pumps for duty and standby usage - ensuring back n+2 back up in case of failure.
  • Inverter driven pumps compatible BMS to the clients requirements; this means the client can monitor outputs with the ability to switch between pumps where required.

The Outcome

Fully managed project including specification build and installation of a bespoke package boiler system.

A bespoke built, skid mounted packaged pump system was provided to ensure that duty would always be effectively met; using duty and standby. This system was compatible with the clients BMS system allowing them to monitor and switch between pumps if and where required. This allowed the project to stay on track and achieve duty consistently.

A dirt and air separator was also specified for this project. During a survey on the site it was assessed that due to existing original pipework being over 100 years old with probable debris issues the addition of a dirt and air separator would be required. In doing this we eliminated damage to the temporary boiler as well as stopping any inefficiencies that may have been experienced if debris was present.


  • Clients heating and hot water requirements for redevelopment project are successfully met.
  • Skid mounted pump system designed and built to allow client to utilise duty and standby pumps; with BMS monitoring the client can switch between pumps where required.
  • Dirt and air separator was added to eliminate inevitable debris from the boiler system increasing efficiency; decreasing chances of breakdowns and maintenance during the hire.

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