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Choosing the right portable air conditioning unit

Cooling warehouses, manufacturing and distribution centres

Keeping employees cool in industries such as warehousing, manufacturing and distribution centres is vital for productivity. Often these areas require specialist equipment to achieve effective cooling; especially when heat is generated by machinery in the area.

With an extensive fleet of portable cooling equipment, we can provide units to effectively cool required space. Often, we will carry out a free site survey to correctly assess the space and calculate the duty and unit required.

Large cooling solutions: Our fleet of evaporative units can provide excellent spot cooling for these kind of settings – cooling up to 425m². The Coolspace Blizzard is a highly effective evaporative cooler; using evaporated water to produce a cool breeze from the large fan output. The Coolspace Blizzard is great for directing to areas or people who require cooling; with wheels allowing the unit to be moved and positioned where required. Simple to use and simple to set up – with a standard domestic plug and standard garden hose this unit can be up, running and cooling within seconds.

Require a smaller unit? Our Coolspace Flurry will provide cooling for 55m² and is great for spot cooling for individual people or a smaller area. Still a powerful unit achieving effective cooling by evaporating water to blow out a cold breeze. Multiple units strategically placed can create effective cooling in small to medium warehouse and workshop spaces.

  • Standard domestic plug
  • Garden hose connection or alternatively units contain a reservoir tank
  • Great maneuverability; wheels to make placement easy
  • Powerful directional spot cooling

Cooling offices

We have an extensive fleet of units ideal for office cooling; with ducted, evaporative and split type units available dependant on various factors.

Best for office cooling: When we’re cooling any office space we’d highly recommend the MCM230 and MCM280 units; powerful cooling and highly effective in lowering the whole room temperature for comfort cooling solutions. This unit excels at cooling by ducting warm air away from the office using umbilical lines; leading to an out box (or hex box) which expels warm air. Our MCM units sit in the office and disperse cool air for spaces up to 59m² use of multiple units can cool large to medium sized office.

  • Up to 30m of ducting via umbilical lines
  • Cool air for up to 59m²
  • Lower whole room temperature
  • Expels warm air via out box which can be placed outside

Alternatively, the Trotec 4700 unit can cool areas as large as 155m² – these units are powerful and have a small footprint; great for busy office spaces. This option is ducted and works effectively when ducting is placed out of a open window expelling the warm air out of the area.

No windows? When ducting and umbilical lines are unavailable our evaporative fleet can be used in an office space. Providing a great cooling solution; only requiring a domestic power plug and water. Water for these units can be either from a domestic garden hose or manual water refills.

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Outdoor cooling solutions

Outdoor cooling? Evaporative cooling is the most ideal solution for cooling outdoor spaces. The Coolspace Avalanche, Tall Boys and Blizzard offer powerful cooling for events, festivals, beer gardens and outdoor sports. Blowing cool air to provide great spot cooling; with these mobile units they can be positioned to best cool the area.

The evaporative cooling units are plug in and go – with domestic plugs and a standard hose connection for the evaporative cooling process.

Cooling data centres and server rooms

Keeping vital server rooms cool; not only in summer but all year round, can be easily achieved with our fleet of air conditioning units which are ideal for this purpose. Our split type units MCM230 and MCM280 are the most effective at cooling a whole area by bringing down the room temperature completely.

These units effectively duct away hot air from the server room and exhaust it to the out box which is placed outside of the room via up to 30m of umbilical cords

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  • Unlike water cooled units these are idea for server rooms and data centres as they do not add any potentially damaging excess moisture to the area.
  • Even cooling – lowering the whole room temperature.
  • Warm air is expelled out of the out box or hex box.