Coolspace 16-TB


The Cool-Space 16 TallBoy is a portable, evaporative cooler that is best suited to cooling smaller spaces with limited – or no –access to open windows.

The features of this product include a roto-moulded, corrosion-free polyethylene housing; a high-efficiency 20cm thick cooling media; and waterproof electrical box, as well as a three-blade aluminium fan propeller.

Power Supply
Power Supply General

nom. 230V / 1ph / 13 A minimum branch circuit

Fan Amperage
Fan Amperage General

High: 1.5 A | Low: 0.75 A

Fan Motor
Fan Motor General

High efficiency, totally enclosed 230W / 230V / 50Hz or 60Hz

Fan Size
Fan Size General

45 cm industrial duty aluminium, three-blade propeller

Airflow (High)
Airflow (High) General

4800 m3/h @ 37 Pa ESP

Airflow (Low)
Airflow (Low) General

1200 m3/h @ 37 Pa ESP

Cooling Media
Cooling Media General

20 cm thick high efficiency cross-corrugated angle fluted specially formulated cellulose material

Water Supply
Water Supply General

Garden hose connection or portable supply tank. Maximum pressure 8 bar

Weight General

82 kg

Dimensions (WxLxH) mm
Dimensions (WxLxH) mm General

654 x 610 x 1130mm

Running Current
Running Current General

Water Reservoir
Water Reservoir General

Internal 200 L capacity

Control General

Automatic Thermostat

Optional Ancillary Equipment