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Event Cooling Supported Through Evaporative Coolers

The Challenge

The customer contacted Cross Rental Services looking requiring a cooling solution for an event taking place in a shopping centre. The client supplied a floor plan of the area where the event would be taking place, as well as our team carrying out a free site survey - allowing us to assess the units required to cool the space.

The Solution

  • Upon site survey and event layout being sent we determined that evaporative units would best suit this site; meaning the client didn't need to worry about ducting heat away.
  • We supplied a ten Honeywell evaporative units; these are simple plug in a go with little setup whilst being highly effective.
  • These units have a large reservoir tank for manual refills; allowing the events team to simply maintain the unit. Our client opted to not have hosing to refill the units to avoid potential trip hazards during a busy event.
  • Our evaporative coolers were dispersed around the area needing cooling in order to provide space cooling evenly for the event attendees. The units are very easy to manoeuvre with wheels allowing the client to tweak placement where required.

The Outcome

The ten Honeywell evaporative coolers were on hire for a week providing effective cooling for a busy event taking place in the shopping centre. Our client was able to avoid excess pipework and ducting which may have caused trip hazards in a busy and high traffic area by opting for evaporative units with manual reservoir tank refills.

  • With our huge range of air conditioning units we were able to specify which units would be most ideal for the clients requirements.
  • Our experienced events team advised and worked with the client to provide an evaporative cooling solution.
  • All actions complied with Cross Rental Services high standard operating procedures, whilst adhering to all health and safety regulations.



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