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Event Cooling Supported Through Evaporative Coolers

The Challenge

  • The customer contacted Cross Rental Services looking requiring a cooling solution for an event taking place in a shopping centre.
  • The client supplied a floor plan of the area needing to be cooled in order for the Cross Rental Services team to work out their cooling requirement.
  • A challenge involved in the job was that there was nowhere for the waste heat energy to be ducted out of. Therefore, this ruled out our ducted range.

The Solution

  • Due to ducted air conditioning units not being suitable for the site, evaporative cooling was the solution specified.
  • The Cross Rental Services support team worked out that the cooling duty of the area would be matched through 10 of our Honeywell evaporative coolers.
  • These evaporative coolers were dispersed around the area needing cooling in order to provide space cooling evenly for the room’s occupants.

The Outcome

The evaporative coolers were on hire for a week providing cooling for a busy event taking place in the shopping centre.

  • Honeywell Evaporative Coolers
  • Event Cooling
  • All actions complied with Cross’ standard operating procedures & adhered to all health & safety regulations



Honeywell CL60PM

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Coolspace Wave

Coolspace Wave

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Coolspace TB

Coolspace 16-TB

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Coolspace 36

Coolspace Avalanche 36

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Coolspace 48

Coolspace Blizzard 48

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