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What Power Supply Do You Have?

Cross Rental Services have a wide range of products which run on different power supplies. This blog post will look into the various power supplies our products run off & explain their difference in applications.

240v 50Hz Single Phase

A 240v 50HZ single phase is the most common power supply available & is mostly associated with domestic applications & office based environments. A 240v 50Hz plug socket is identifiable from its 3 pin plug socket. An example of one of our products which runs on 240v 50Hz power is the FF3 electric space heater.

240v Plug

110v 50Hz Single Phase

A 110v 50Hz single phase plug socket is most commonly associated with the construction industry. A number of our product operate on this power such as the EC32 & EC55 indirect fired heaters in addition to our dehumidifier range.

110v plug

415v 50Hz Three Phase

A 415v 50Hz three phase plug socket is traditionally used for industrial applications where powerful electrical equipment is being used. The power supply can be identifiable by its 5 pin plug socket. Cross Rental Services’ most powerful electrical heaters such as the FF42 & FF80 operate on this power.

415v plug