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Warehouse Cooling Tips For Your Business This Summer

The high heats caused by Summer weather can cause a number of issues for warehouses. Heat can potentially damage or even destroy stock in warehouses costing your business. In addition, summer heat can also be uncomfortable for employees working in the warehouse.

This blog post will delve into a number of tips you should be aware of whilst cooling your warehouse this summer.

Metal Screen Door Installation

Installing metal screen doors for your warehouse can help increase the air flow whilst preventing bug and insects from entering the warehouse.

Keep It Cool

Cross Rental Services have a number of air conditioning units suitable for cooling a warehouse. Our cooling fan range is capable of moving a massive amount of air quickly and quietly & has a steel fan guard to ensure maximum safety. We have a number of evaporative coolers suitable for cooling warehouses with large reservoirs to ensure hours of cooling. Cross Rental Services’ ducted range is also suitable for warehouse cooling with the units having the benefit of being able to duct heat away from the warehouse and duct cool air around the warehouse.

High heat in warehouses can reduce productivity with workers being more susceptible to heat exhaustion. Therefore, it is important to maintain a cool environment to maintain the welfare of your business’ employees.

Certain stock in warehouses will need to be kept at a certain temperature which can be facilitated through air conditioning equipment. Pharmaceutical products can be particularly at risk with the chemical stability of products changing as the temperature increases. In this circumstance, cooling is particularly important in order to prevent stock from spoiling and potentially putting customers at risk.


High temperatures during the summer can lead to label damage on your business’ stock with labels peeling and shrinking being caused from the heat. Therefore, an important way of dealing with this issue is through using thermal transfer labels. Labels made from polypropylene, polyester & polyimide are all able to withstand the summer heat.

Use Dehumidifiers

Heat can be accentuated through high humidity levels. Cross Rental Services are able to provide a range of dehumidifiers to help your business deal with the summer humidity.

Keep Doors Closed

Cold air can escape through open dock doors & exits therefore make use of strip doors & curtains.

Replacement Roof

Warehouse roofs can get exceptionally hot and this heat will transfer into the warehouse. Therefore, it important that your warehouse has a light coloured & reflective roof so that as little heat as possible is transferred to the warehouse.