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3 Heating Solutions For Your Business This Winter

Cross Rental Services have a large range of heating hire solutions which are suitable for numerous applications such as warehouse heating, hospital use & marquee heating. In this blog post we will go over the various types of heaters there are and the applications they are most suitable for.

Heater Types

Electric Heaters

The main benefit of electric heaters is that they are simple to use, however they have the downside of having limited functionality if no 3-phase power is present. There are three types of electric heater:

Oil Filled Radiators

  • Ideal for domestic & office areas
  • Contains an internal thermostat allowing users to keep the room temperature at a constant level automatically

Electric Radiator

Electric Fan Heaters

  • Suitable for industrial & domestic environments
  • Makes use of a fan unit providing ventilation which helps to ensure efficiency in the heater & spreads heat around the area evenly.
  • Requires 3-phase power

industrial fan heater

Infra-Red heaters

  • Ideal for spot heating in large areas
  • Delivers heating quickly & safely through infra-red emitters
  • Fast & efficient heating

Direct Fired Heaters

Direct fired heaters may either be oil or gas. In a direct fired heater fuel is injected into a combustion chamber where it is ignited and then burned at a regulated rate. Once burned, it is released with the main air-stream providing a large volume of heat.

Direct fired gas/oil heaters are designed for heating areas with large open spaces. It is for this reason that they have typically been used to heat construction sites, factories & warehouses.

When using direct gas heaters, it is important to make sure the required area has sufficient ventilation. Doing so prevents humidity levels from being too high & ensures that there is not a deficiency in ambient oxygen levels.

Due to their combustible nature, direct fired heaters should not be used in areas where they would be close to flammable materials such as in marquees.

Indirect Fired Heaters

Indirect fired heaters can either be gas or oil. Similarly, to direct fired heaters, fuel is injected into a combustion chamber which is gas-tight. In the combustion chamber it is ignited and burned at a regulated rate.

The main benefit of indirect fired heaters is that they deliver a large volume of heat which is fume-free, dry & safe. This makes them suitable for marquee heating, shops, factories & building sites.

Arcotherm indirect heaters are used by Cross Rental in marquee heating. They are preferred to heat this environment over patio heaters or halogen heaters due to them having internal fans & not posing the risk of being a trip hazard due to not having obtrusive power cables. These heaters can be placed outside, out of the way while dry, clean and warm air is ducted into the space.

Indirect gas heaters have the increased functionality of heating buildings under construction or which are recovering from floods. The main benefit of indirect gas heaters in this environment is that they can provide warm, dry and clean air without increasing the humidity, thus preventing the build-up of mould.