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5 Signs That It Is Time To Replace Your Commercial Boiler

Many businesses wait until there is a major issue before replacing their commercial boiler. This can lead to increased stress & expense in solving the issue promptly. Here are 5 signs you should identify that indicate your commercial boiler needs a replacement.

Age of your Boiler

The life expectancy of a condensing boiler is typically 15-20 years. Although cast iron commercial boilers may last longer, they will also become less efficient as they age. Commercial boilers which have been maintained regularly obviously last longer, however, typically a boiler should be replaced if it is older than 15 years old.


As a boiler progresses through its life cycle it could potentially start to make loud noises ranging from loud crashing to banging. Boilers do produce noises, however, any loud clanging needs to be investigated immediately. This issue can stem from worn bearings, blockages in the boiler system or pressure building up. Another potential cause of noises in the boiler could be a low water pressure. Having a low water pressure could lead to cavitation in the boiler system causing the pump to work harder leading to increased noise. Locating the source of the noise can also be a problem due to sound travelling in the boiler system. Therefore, it is paramount that an engineer investigates the boiler to discover whether this is a fixable issue or the boiler needs to be replaced entirely.


Commercial boilers should be constantly checked for leaks throughout their life cycle. As they age, the boilers become more at risk of developing leaks. The most obvious sources of leaks are cracks within the boiler’s body, seals perishing & heat building up due to dirt within the system. Not only do leaks pose a risk to the boiler, they can also damage the commercial property itself through water damage. The majority of the time a leak is fixable, however, in some circumstances they are a sign that your business’ boiler needs to be replaced.

Varying Temperatures

One sign that your commercial boiler needs to be replaced is if rooms heat unevenly. This can be a sign that the boiler’s controls are broken. Although they can be repaired, this is a short term fix & the best solution would be to replace the boiler.


Old cast iron boilers tend to have a low efficiency. For example, a 50 year old boiler will have an efficiency of approximately 70%. Technology has advanced greatly in the past 30 years with a brand new stainless commercial boiler having an efficiency of around 98%.  Therefore, replacing your ageing boiler can result in an increase of efficiency & reduce costs associated with the boiler.