TF72EL Heater


El-Björn’s new generation of heating and drying fans has been developed to meet future heating and drying requirements. These high performance, energy-efficient drying fans have two power settings. Robust and practical with a lightweight design in powder-coated, corrosion-resistant, galvanized sheet steel. These units gives a high temperature increase (ΔT) and move large volumes of air. The design of the fan and housing maximize the throw and spread of warm air. Capable of maintaining temperatures in areas of 80–1500 m². Accessible, modular construction makes cleaning/servicing easy. Ensures easy access to the electrical box under the service door.

• Two filters for consistent, high-volume air flow and lower noise level
• Improved filters with additional pre-filter in a choice of filter grades. G4 standard filter
• Textile or metal air distributor spreads air around the room and gives 360 degree
coverage and maximum throw
• The very compact chassis means that the fan units can be placed in confined spaces
such as stairwells, marquees and apartments
• The lightweight design makes them easy to lift, move, transport or hang from a wall
• Accessible, modular construction
• Removable top for easy cleaning/servicing
• High temperature increase (ΔT) and large air flows for maximum energy efficiency
• Automatic cool-down extends product life
• Smart control card
• Lockable, password-protected display
• Choice of operating modes: Drying, Event, Heating
• Electronic thermostat for room temperature control

Optional Ancillary Equipment