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Product Focus: Condensing Boilers

Our range of innovative condensing units are the most modern temporary boilers on the market today. Bringing the high efficiency, low emissions and resilience of condensing boilers to the hire market in a variety of formats from 100kW to 1.2MW boiler hire packages.

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  • 100kW, 300kW, 600kW and 1.2MW condensing boiler packages
  • High efficiency; reducing fuel costs
  • Low NOx; reduced emissions
  • Small footprint; ideal for sites with space restrictions
  • Installed on site by one of our expert engineers
100kW Slim Condensing Boilers

Our range is ever-growing; with smart innovation and expert skills we are developing our fleet more and more every year. We bespoke build our boilers to high spec using parts from industry leading suppliers.

100kW Condensing Trailer Boiler

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