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Plastic Injection Moulding Cooling Tips

Injection Moulding is a manufacturing process used to create plastic products through injecting a molten material into a mould. The quality of a plastic injection moulded part can be determined through the temperature it is kept at. Therefore temperature control can be essential to facilitate this process.

Injection Mould Cooling Tips

Cooling System

It is important to check all components in the the cooling system. Check for leaks & ensure that all hoses have been connected correctly. The chiller should also be operating correctly.


When the tooling is changed, heat transfer settings from the previous job must be changed for the system to work efficiently.

Specified Temperatures & Flow Rate

Use a thermometer to monitor the temperature at the mould & various other points in the system. If the temperature reading differs to what is specified by the mould maker then this shows that there is an issue with the fluid flow. To measure the flow rate of the system, make use of a flow meter.

Turbulent Flow

A turbulent flow is a type of fluid flow where the fluid undergoes constant irregular fluctuations. This differs from a laminar flow where the fluid moves in smooth paths. The irregular fluctuations in a turbulent flow mean that the maximum amount of water reaches the cooling channel walls, therefore enhancing heat transfer. If there is a reduction of the flow rate then this could possibly limit the turbulence & reduce the cooling efficiency.

Keep A Log

Recording details in a log can help prevent issues before they arise. Check if there has been a fouling of the water lines in the cooling equipment & mould. Cooling towers should be checked for signs of contamination with them being susceptible to the buildup of algae & airborne debris.

Ambient Temperature

The hot, humid summer weather can reduce the heat transfer effects of the cooling system. Therefore, make use of ventilation around the mould to help keep it cool. The ambient air around the system can be cooled through portable air conditioning units.

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