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Cooling Your Office This Summer

Office Cooling

The optimum temperature to maintain in an office based environment is 22°C. The high temperatures reached in summer can create an uncomfortable working environment for employees & could also lead to a fall in productivity. This blog post will offer a number of tips on keeping your office cool this summer.

Office Heating

Keep Your Blinds Drawn

Prevent sunlight from increasing the temperature of the office by keeping blinds drawn. Sunlight entering the office can provide a “greenhouse effect”, therefore increasing the ambient temperature.

Open Windows

Open windows throughout the office, especially later in the evening when the air is cooler.

Reflective Window Film

Placing reflective window film on windows will help redirect sunlight away from the office, therefore keeping the office cooler.

Turn Off Heat Generating Objects

When heat emitting items such as lights are not being used it is important to switch them off. In addition to cooling the environment this will also save electricity.

Air Conditioning

ducted air conditioning

Ducted Air Conditioning

One of the best options to cool your office is to make use of ducted air conditioning. Units such as the trotec 4700 are able to provide cool air to an office while creating minimal noise. Heat can be ducted outside of the office through open windows or a ceiling void.

Split Type Air Conditioning

Split type air conditioning units make use of a glycol heat transfer medium which is delivered through the main unit & external ventilation box. Hot air is brought into the unit where heat transfer takes place to cool it.

Evaporative Cooling

Evaporative Cooling provides air conditioning through evaporating water. These units are best used for environments with high temperatures & a low humidity due to the equipment contributing to the humidity for the environment. The evaporative cooler most suitable for air conditioning in an office based environment is the Honeywell CL60PM.

evaporative air cooler