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Importance of climate control in warehouses

Due to the nature of warehouses being large open spaces where products are moved in and out constantly, this can cause temperature fluctuations to occur. A warehouse will have cool spots near loading bays and hot spots on shelves where the air flow is restricted. Therefore, it is important to make use of climate control in warehouses to make sure the temperature remains constant.


Temporary Heating


There are two factors when it comes to climate control in warehouses: temperature & humidity. The most obvious need for these factors is in the food & beverage industry where goods need to be kept at a constant cool temperature to ensure that they are not spoilt. Furthermore, a humid environment can be disastrous for this sector with it potentially causing the build-up of mould and condensation in packaging.

Climate control is also important in warehouses which stock electrical goods. Here humidity levels need to be managed so that the internal electrical components which are in these products are not damaged by moisture. Warehouses holding pharmaceutical goods need to make use of climate control due to many of these products being sensitive to temperature with most pharmaceutical products needing to be kept at between 2˚C – 8˚C. If the temperature was to rise/fall out of this range, then this could potentially alter the chemical stability of the product making it harmful to users. Therefore, the use of climate control in this situation is of the upmost importance.

Climate control elements

  • The air flow of a warehouse can be altered through planning out the structure of how the shelves and pallets are positioned. Additionally, sealing strips can be used to restrict the air flow coming through door openings.
  • Dehumidification can be used to minimise the humidity of the space, thus preventing moisture and condensation from building up in products and the building itself. Dehumidifier-use could also prevent products from becoming too dry which could also be a potential issue.
  • Making sure your warehouse is fully weatherproof and is correctly insulated can provide another climate control measure.
  • Portable air conditioning/heating can be made use of to ensure the temperature of the warehouse remains constant thus ensuring goods and the people working in a warehouse are kept at the optimum temperature.