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How to heat a marquee

What type of heater makes the best marquee heater?

The first step in heating a marquee is determining what heater you will need. You should not use a direct fired heater to heat a marquee due to them not being safe for areas with limited ventilation & areas which are highly combustible such as the interior of a marquee. Furthermore, it is advisable that you do not use electric space heaters due to them needing to be accommodated for in the marquee itself & them creating the problem of hot/cold spots throughout the area.

Therefore, there is one superior option when it comes to marquee heating: indirect heaters. The main benefit of using an indirect heater to heat a marquee is that it can be positioned outside of the marquee whilst dry, warm & clean air is ducted into the marquee itself. This helps remove issues you would have with space if another type of heater was used. Any issue that would arise over the noise of the heater is also negated through the heater being positioned a number of metres away from the marquee.


Size is also another factor when it comes to heating marquees. For example, a medium sized marquee might require a EC 32 while a much larger marquee may require a Jumbo 145. Therefore, you must determine the size of the area you are heating, for more information visit where this was looked at in more detail.  

Marquee heaters

At Cross Rental Services your marquee heating needs are met by a wide range of indirect heaters, whether that is for medium sized marquees such as events & weddings or major sporting events. Cross Rental’s Arcotherm range of heaters include an adjustable thermostat ensuring that you will be able to regulate the temperature of your marquee at a constant level.