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Recent scientific research shows that “coughed up pathogens will spread for several metres within a few seconds and remain infectious in the room air for up to 5 minutes”. As a result of this research Trotec have led the way in innovation for creating a product specifically to clean the air you breathe in. They aim to create virus free and filtered ‘clean air zones’; with their top priority being a significant reduction for the infection risk from corona or influenza viruses.

How can we help?

At Cross Rental Services we are constantly researching the market to bring you the most technologically advanced equipment available today. We have two options to provide your business with peace of mind;


• Plugs straight into a domestic power supply for quick and easy set up. This makes it perfect for commercial, retail, restaurants, gyms to create a clean air environment to keep both staff and customers safe. Being mobile, it just requires a power outlet near the zone to be cleaned.
• TAC V+ produces a purified and filtered “clean zone area” of up to 320 cubic metres of air. Multiple devices can be used for larger spaces.
• TAC V+ filters 99.995% of the pathogenic viruses, dust and micro fibres of paper and textiles from the room air reducing the risk of infection in a room to a minimum. It is an innovative solution for creating zones with clean air that is free from viruses and pollutants.

Vertical Heater / Thermal Disinfector TES 200

• Compared to the TAC V+ this device is more suited to more industrial, factory or warehouse settings with a 3 phase connection available.
• The TES 200 is a powerful mobile heater with a target surface temperature adjustable up to 65 degrees, making it effective at inactivation of SARS corona, influenza and hepatitis viruses. Boasting multi-directional air distribution and 360 degree thermal inactivation provides a flexible and efficient solution for cleaning an entire space leaving no “white spots” that would occur with manual cleaning.

Which device should I use?

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Could this help your business?

For businesses and retailers, the indoor air must be kept as clean and virus free as possible. Using the air purification units as well as disinfecting surfaces and hand washing will help eliminate risk and keep your business safe.

Great solutions for:
• Retail
• Offices
• Gyms, fitness and therapy rooms
• Restaurants, cafes and canteens
• Waiting rooms and doctors surgeries
• Public spaces
• Schools, universities and creches
• Logistics and warehousing

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