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F-Gas Regulation & HFC Phase Out

F-Gas Regulation

F-Gas Regulation was introduced by the European Union to help control emission levels generated by fluorinated greenhouse gases (f-gases) such as hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs). Current f-gas regulation was introduced in January 2015 & replaced the previous original regulation which had been put in place since 2006.

The Regulation put in place 3 main measures:

  • Banning the use of F-gases in equipment where there are less harmful options available. This could be in domestic/supermarket fridges, air conditioning or aerosols.
  • Restricting the total amount of f-gases which can be sold within the EU. This will be phased down in steps so that it is 1/5 of 2014 sales by the year 2030.
  • Reducing the emission of f-gases being used in current equipment through carrying out regular inspections, servicing & recovery of f-gases when the equipment’s life cycle has finished.

HFC Phase-Out

Due to the global warming potential of HFC gases refrigerant manufacturers have been given allocated quotas for the HFC gases they supply in Europe. A target has been put in place to cut current levels down to 21% by 2030. With the refrigerant R22 already phased out, the refrigerants R404A & R507 are also in the process of being phased out. Product & service bans have also been put into effect. From 2020, R404A & R507 refrigerants will be completely banned from stationary refrigeration systems which have a charge greater than 10kg.

Keep Records

F-gas regulation has lead to all companies having to keep records of gases & refrigerants used. The following information should be recorded:

  • Whether the gas is recycled/reclaimed
  • The quantity & type of gas installed
  • The quantity of gas recovered
  • The details of the person who carried out the inspection
  • The results of leakage tests
  • Measures taken place to recover & dispose of the refrigerant at the end of its life cycle