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Ducted Air Conditioning – What is Ducted Air Con?

Our fleet of ducted air conditioning hire range from the Trotec 3500 at 3.5Kw to the Monobloc MCM350 at 10kW. The range of sizes and duty capability gives us the ability to provide a solution that would best suit the environment requirements.

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Where is best suited to ducted air conditioning?

The ducted range offers effective cooling and can be an ideal unit across a range of sectors; including offices, waiting rooms and commercial spaces; even events spaces and conference rooms.

How does the ducting work?

The units require somewhere to disperse the heat; often this can be via a window or door, where the heat can escape and not effect the cooling.

The Monobloc MCM350

A powerful ducted air conditioning unit; with 10kW duty and a duct of up to 10m for heat removal. Ideal for larger spaces with the ability to lower the whole room temperature. Ideal for cooling a room size of up to 79m² – Often these ducted units are paired to allow for more cooling capacity. These units are easily manoeuvrable with wheels for positioning and using for directional spot cooling applications.

  • Domestic plug – 13A 3Pin BS1363
  • Typical Cooled Area 79m²
  • Cooling Capacity 10.25kW
  • Able to be ducted up to 10m

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The Trotec 3500

Recently added to our ducted hire fleet expanding our ducted range with more top of the range temporary units. The Trotec 3500 is a 3.5kW air conditioning unit capable of cooling rooms up to 115m² – ideal for larger offices and retail environments.

  • Domestic Plug – 13A 3Pin BS1363
  • Typical cooled area 115m²
  • Adjustable cooling output direction
  • Energy efficiency category A
  • Programable 24hr timer

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