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A Look Into Our Ducted Air Conditioning Range

Ducted Air Conditioning

Ducted air conditioning units help provide cooling to an area while creating minimal noise. Cool air is dispersed throughout an area while the waste heat energy is ducted outside. Cross Rental Services have a wide range of portable ducted air conditioning units available ranging from 4.7kW to 10kw in cooling duty. This blog post will explore the various units which comprise our range helping you to identify which unit will suit your business the best:


Trotec 4700

At the start of our ducted range is the trotec 4700 which has a cooling duty of 4.7kW. This unit is most suitable for applications such as office & retail cooling due to its lower cooling capacity. The product features a programmable timer so that you can enable cooling for hours which suit your business, a thermostat showing what the current room temperature is & three fan stages to provide different levels of cooling.

Trotec 4700



Monobloc MCM230

The Monobloc MCM230 has a cooling duty of 6.7kW & has the added functionality of being able to cool 2 areas at the same time. If an area requires cooling, however, there is little space for the unit itself, the MCM230 can duct cool air into the area via 10m of ducting. The unit is suitable for applications such as office cooling, server cooling & process/retail cooling.

Monobloc MCM230

Monobloc MCM280

The Monobloc MCM280 provides a cooling duty of 8kW & is able to duct cool air into an area via 10m of ducting or 3 areas at once. The Monobloc MCM280 can be used for a variety of cooling applications whether it is office & marquee cooling or laboratory & school cooling.


Monobloc MCM350

The Monobloc MCM350 is our most powerful air conditioning unit with it being able to deliver 10kW of chilled air into an area. The exhaust ducting can be extended to 10m & the addition of an optional high pressure airbox enables the unit to provide cooling to areas which are up to 30 metres apart. This air conditioning unit can be used to cool industrial environments such as warehouses or factories.