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District Heating Fact File

What is District Heating?


District Heating is a system of heat distribution where heat is generated in a centralised location & distributed through a network of insulated pipes to provide heating & domestic hot water for residential & commercial purposes.

District Heating

What does it cover?


  • Factory Estates/Business Parks
  • Housing Developments
  • Hospitals
  • Leisure Centres
  • Education establishments such as universities
  • Hotels, Office blocks, Prisons & Public Buildings
  • Shopping Centres
  • Apartment blocks

What does it include?


  • A powerful central boiler powered by either natural gas or oil.
  • A system of insulated pipes installed underneath the streets.
  • Consumer heat interface between the network and the heat consumer. This will comprise of the equipment delivering heat from the network to the customer.

Advantages of District Heating



  • Requires little space & operates safely.
  • Easy to operate & control.
  • Affordable cost – through efficient management of heat provision & providing stable prices.
  • Modern District Heating schemes are metered, thus making individuals pay only for what they consume.



  • Low cost
  • District Heating can be an attractive ESCO offering



  • Can cause a reduction in carbon dioxide emissions.
  • Heat can be supplied from numerous sources – conventional fuels, renewable fuels, heat from power generation & waste heat from industrial processes.
  • District Energy is the most efficient method of providing heating to buildings.

Temporary Boiler Solution

In case of boiler failure or malfunction, Cross Rental Services are able to sweep out a temporary boiler solution in the event of an emergency swiftly & efficiently. Our boilers can be easily integrated with existing pipe networks ensuring no stress in the event of failure. To view our boiler range click here or to view a case study of a time when we have previously supported district heating click here.

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