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Maintaining Your Chiller During The Winter

Now that we are in the midst of winter, it is important that checks are carried out on chillers due to them being particularly susceptible to the cold & poor conditions typical of this period. Please find a list of points below which should be taken into account whilst you are hiring a chiller.

Coil Maintenance

During the winter, chillers are subjected to harsh conditions which can cause the growth of mould, dirt & pollutants on their coils. This build-up can potentially lead to issues such as a reduced air flow. A reduced air flow in a chiller will lead to a reduction in the efficiency of the chiller. For every 10% reduction in the air flow of a chiller this can lead to a drop of approximately 5% of the chiller’s efficiency. Therefore, removing the effects of winter on a chiller’s coils can help maintain a chiller’s high efficiency.


Looking after Glycol levels

The sub-zero temperatures which are common in winter can cause the water in chillers to freeze & cause considerable damage to the chiller. Therefore, it is of the utmost importance that glycol levels are checked & sustained regularly in order to prevent freezing.

Chiller Range

Check for pipe damage

If chiller pipes receive any damage in winter conditions, pipes could burst & potentially lead to leaks. Thus, it is important to carry out regular equipment checks to spot any fractures which may be on the pipes & take action before the problem escalates.

Look for leaks

Chillers should be inspected for leaks as if the system has any leaks this will result in a less efficient system & could potentially lead to the release of the harmful refrigerant in the air.