Evaporative Coolers For Control System Manufacturer
Evaporative Coolers For Control System Manufacturer

The Challenge

  • Cross Rental Services were contacted by a manufacturer of control systems for aerospace, military vehicles and soldier applications.
  • Due to the manufacturing process involved in the creation of these products, a large amount of heat was being produced causing uncomfortable conditions for workers.

Cross Rental Services’ solution

  • After the initial enquiry a quote was sent to the customer within an hour providing a quick solution to their request.
  • Cross Rental Services provided a solution in the form of 5 Coolspace 36 (Avalanche) evaporative cooler hire units.
  • The large 174 litre built in water reservoir of the unit was ideal for the long factory operating hours with the evaporative cooler able to run for an extended period of time without a water supply connection.

The Outcome

The Coolspace units are currently on hire for 3 months over the summer providing maximum comfort for the client’s employees.


  • Exclusive UK Coolspace Hire Distributor
  • All actions complied with Cross’ standard operating procedures & adhered to all health & safety regulations
  • Tailor made solutions for any & all clients
  • Nationwide coverage