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Providing Heating and Hot Water to a Residential School

The Challenge

  • Exisiting boilers on site became unfit for purpose. The client required a temporary boiler to take over and provide heating and hot water for a residential school.
  • Restricted hard to reach access on site; with no gas supply available.

The Solution

  • Our experienced engineers provided a free site survey at the location to allow us to offer the best solution.
  • Cross Rental Services delivered and installed a 100kW trailer boiler on site.
  • Due to the site not having a gas supply available a oil fuel tank was used.

The Outcome

  • Cross Rental Services met the client requirements with a rapid solution.
  • Hot water and heating has been provided to the client.
  • Access challenges have been overcome with our small footprint and manoeuvrable trailer boiler unit.


  • Client required a boiler to take over their plant which was no longer fit for purpose.
  • Oil fired trailer boiler and fuel tank delivered to site and installed.
  • Heating and domestic hot water has been provided to site.