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Emergency Heating and Hot Water for a Care Home

The Challenge

Cross Rental Services were contacted after a boiler breakdown at a care facility. An emergency response was required to provide the site with heating and domestic hot water.

  • Client requires 200kw boiler to take over current plantroom; whilst their existing boiler is down and requires replacing.
  • The boiler package needed to provide heating and domestic hot water
  • Narrow and small site with restricted access

The Solution

  • Cross Rental Services provided two100kW condensing boilers to site
  • Our 24/7/365 service allowed us to provide essential heating and hot water in a matter of hours
  • Small foot print units were used on this site to allow access
  • Low noise output units; ideal with positioning near buildings for minimal disruption for the client and residents of the home.

The Outcome

  • Cross Rental Services achieved the required 200kW using two 100kW boilers
  • Hot water and heating has been restored to the client
  • We overcame site size restrictions with our bespoke built boiler with a slim design; ideal for smaller sites

  • Restoring heating and hot water to a care home after a breakdown
  • Providing 2x 100kW boilers to site within hours
  • Small footprint units
  • Installed and commissioned by our expert team

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