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Creating a Covid Secure Workplace

The Challenge

With businesses and public spaces opening back up our client required an air filtration unit with the highest specification HEPA filtration to help eliminate the risk of spreading Covid19 and help keep their employees and clients safe.

The Solution

  • Cross Rental Services provided multiple air filtration units to the client to meet the criteria set to create clean air for the space required
  • Our expert team advised on the quantity and positioning of air purification units to achieve maximum filtration
  • With the option of a simple domestic plug or a three phase socket these units are 'plug in and go' with no additional set up
  • Our units have HEPA 14 filtration which is the highest hospital grade filter available
  • Our 24/7/365 nationwide service allowed us to deliver the units to site the next day

The Outcome

  • Cross Rental Services provided multiple air filtration units to our client to allow for a safer workspace
  • The units are easily manoeuvrable and were positioned in ideal locations to allow for effective air purification

HEPA 14 Air Purification Overview

  • Medical grade HEPA 14 filtration
  • Low noise
  • Plug in and go with simple domestic plug or three phase units
  • Easily postitioned
  • No set up required - simple control panel

Create a Covid Secure Workspace

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