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Bespoke Built Electric Water Heater for Major Supermarket Chain

The Challenge

Our client required a drop in solution to provide them with essential hot water during maintenance or breakdowns. Our client needed an electric boiler solution ideal for major supermarkets which may have space and access restrictions.

The equipment required by the client was unavailable on the market - therefore bespoke built units were required to achieve the specifications.

The Solution

Cross Rental Services designed and built an electric 22kW water heater; ideal for the clients requirements allowing them to meet their hot water demands.

  • Dedicated domestic hot water equipment allowing instant hot water supply to all store requirements.
  • 250 litre water storage tank enabling use of a smaller boiler whilst maintaining peak demand capacity.
  • Our bespoke unit is designed to fit through standard doorways enabling quick install within ground level plant rooms.
  • An easily manoeuvrable unit; frame mounted making it simple to pallet truck or fork lifting into place.
  • Zero NOx emissions - completely running on 32amp 3phase electric supply making this a great eco friendly solution.
  • Compatible with existing hot water systems this means that installation is quick and easy with little disruption.

The Outcome

Cross Rental Services designed and built a fleet of electric hot water boilers for our client. Meeting their specific requirements and ready to in any store in case of a breakdown nationwide.

Compatibility with any of the stores sites was essential - even sites with restricted space this small footprint unit can this unit can be easily positioned and fitted on any location.


  • Client required a unit to maintain hot water services during downtime or breakdowns
  • The unit needed to be suitable for delivery and install to any of the supermarket branches nationwide
  • Cross Rental Services provided a bespoke built electric hot water unit; with features to allow for any site size whilst maintaining required output


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