What makes Arcotherm’s Jumbo Heater Range so great?

Arcotherm’s Indirect Jumbo heater range help provide clean, dry & warm air for large areas such as warehouses, workshops, industrial units & marquees. There are a number of reasons Cross Rental Services use Arcotherm Jumbo heaters which this blog will delve into.

Strong sturdy design

  • The Jumbo heaters come with a burner cover which helps protect the burner against blows, dust, bad weather & water damage.
  • Jumbo heaters have a better anchorage to the machine’s weight bearing structure. This is achieved through strong attachment rods which enable movement on any floor.
  • The panels are designed to include reinforcement cross pleats which ensure strength & rigidity.
  • Both the control rear electrical panel and service front electrical panel have been positioned in the heater so as to avoid any chance that dust, water or snow would enter the device. Furthermore, the control rear electrical panel is supplied with a sturdy metal cover preventing damage to the heater & unauthorized access.

Ease of access

  • The bearing structure contains removable panels which help enable interior washing.
  • Jumbo heaters make use of metric screws & inserts for fastening rather than self-tapping screws.
  • Every main component of the heater such as the burner, fan & thermostat is supplied with quick couplings of electrical connections. The main benefit of this is that it ensures fast assembly & disassembly. Furthermore, this eliminates any mistakes that would occur in the installation/deinstallation process.


  • The burner is supplied with a snorkel jack which ensures that clean air is combusted through the connection with the outdoor air uptake duct.
  • The Jumbo heater range contains a heat exchanger which incorporates newly designed higher performance fans. This helps give the heater a heat efficiency of approximately 92-93%.
  • The 7-blade fan in the heater is high performance with it enabling the uniform diffusion of warm air through the use of a duct.
  • A fan outlet cone conveys air & ensures high static pressure.


  • The Jumbo range make use of a very low noise fan which operates at less than 67db at 2 metres.

Jumbo Range

To view our complete range of Jumbo heaters visit https://crossrental.co.uk/product-category/heating-air-conditioning-hire/heaters/ now.