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How to quickly heat your commercial space with clean, dry, warm air

Cross Rental Service’s Indirect Fired Heater Range provides clean, dry, warm air for areas such as warehouses, workshops, industrial units & marquees. Designed to be placed outside of the area of operation to minimise footprint, as well as the the effect of noise & fuel emissions; heat is delivered to the space required via flexible duct which can be located to suit all environments – even at ceiling level.

Cross Rental Service’s range of heaters are designed to support robust heat delivery, based on a number of key features:

Strong sturdy design

  • Burner covers which help protect against dust & water damage.
  • Rigid panels that include reinforcement cross pleats
  • Front and rear electrical panels covered with a metal plate to prevent dust & water damage

Ease of access

  • Removable panels which help enable interior washing
  • Metric screws and inserts for fastening rather than self-tapping screws
  • Quick coupling electrical connections for components such as the burner, fan and thermostat – ensuring fast assembly and disassembly

Jumbo Heaters


  • Burners provided with a snorkel jack to ensure delivery of full clean, fresh air, separate from the combustion chamber 
  • Heat exchange units incorporating high performance fans, giving heat efficiency of approximately 92-93%
  • A high performance 7-blade fan enabling uniform diffusion of warm air through connected ducting
  • A fan outlet cone that ensures high static pressure.

Low decibel output 

  • A low noise fan which operates at less than 67db at 2 metres.

Indirect Fired Heating Range

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