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Air Purification: Guide to Clean Air in Schools and Universities

Ensuring schools and universities are as safe as possible is essential; especially in high volume classes or areas. Our air purification units are ideal to provide a Covid secure environment.

TAC V+ in a school setting

Direct contact carries the risk of an infection with airborne diseases and viruses such as Covid 19. The air in the room and particularly the air for breathing must be kept as clean as possible and free from viruses or bacteria. Our air purification units are ideal for providing clean air especially in high volume public spaces; with the highest grade HEPA 14 filter this unit ensures a high standard of protection.

Easily portable units – simple to position to maximise purification

The pathogens can survive in the room air for several hours, presenting a potential health risk with every breath. Current studies prove that the SARS-CoV-2 virus can stay in the air for several hours while remaining infective.

A large fleet of units to hire – delivered nationwide

TAC V+ is able to take in large volumes of contaminated room air and to carry out an effective air filtration with the HEPA14 filter – EN 1822 (ISO 45H filter ISO 29463).

This unit is able to purify the room air; with viruses and aerosols being filtered out of the air using the powerful hospital grade HEPA 14 filter.

Medical grade HEPA 14 filter – the highest grade avalaible

The powerful air circulating fan, combined with the integrated F7 pre-filter system and Trotec H14 HEPA filter, guarantees to separate airborne germs, viruses and dust, bacteria, spores or micro fibres from paper or textiles. The special HEPA filter is equipped with a thermal self-cleaning function, automatically inactivating all viruses at regular intervals. This decontaminates the filter to 100%, offering reliable protection against germs and viruses throughout the day.

Sample layout for classroom environment
  • Highest hospital grade filtration
  • Domestic plug and quick plug in set up
  • Mobile and easy to move units
  • Low noise output
  • Safe for use in public spaces
  • Simple operation: Fully automatic and low-maintenance operation

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