Huge Distribution Warehouse Heating For Critical Delivery Service
Huge Distribution Warehouse Heating For Critical Delivery Service

The Challenge

  • Large warehousing & distribution spaces are often left unheated or poorly heated if existing systems are either missing or under specified – particularly during a typically British winter sold snap
  • Cross Rental Services were approached by a key distribution business to support their peak season service & keep their clients warm during the winter season
  • The client needed a quick turnaround to ensure their operation could continue & staff could continue to work comfortably & safely

Cross Rental Services’ solution

  • Cross Rental Services were able to evaluate the challenge on the phone & specify a solution for install within 24 hours
  • The heating was provided via a 600 kW mobile containerised boiler, connected to 2 x 200 kW air handling units via flexible hose.

The Outcome

Heating was provided to cover not only the initial winter season but continued work for a number of months – such was the effectiveness of the solution & the satisfaction of our customer


  • Fully specified solution via our team of qualified engineers
  • 24 hour response from call to install – with a total solution
  • Fit for purpose for the long term
  • Back to business for an essential delivery service & a satisfied productive work force during a biting winter