Additional Cooling For a Bakery Throughout The Summer

The Challenge

Our client required a cooling solution for a bakery over the summer months. In addition to hot weather; the bakery ovens add to the overall temperature of the bakery. The client required a cooling solution for employees to allow for a comfortable working temperature.

The Solution

  • We supplied a chiller and three air handling units each with directional ducting to different areas of the building to give the requested whole area cooling.


  • Our team of engineers are highly skilled in effective ducting installations. Giving our client peace of mind that the cooling solution provided meets requirements.


  • We provide a complete service to our clients giving an expert install and service every time.

The Outcome

The client was supplied with effective cooling to combat the heat in a busy bakery setting. Our engineers installed a chiller system including AHUs and ducting; which will keep the team cool through the summer meeting the clients requirements.


  • Expert Installations
  • Effective Cooling
  • 24/7/365 Service