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Cross Rental Services can support the automotive industry a host of ways; from critical space and workforce heating to support production in the winter months, to temperature control for temporary manufacturing or storage facilities during peak production; Cross Rental Services are on hand to support 24/7, nationwide.

How Cross Rental Services Support Automotive Manufacturing

  • Space heating for workers during peak production to ensure business as usual
  • Warehouse and distribution temperature control
  • Large units supporting heating for large spaces with overhead ducting available
  • Temporary production or storage heating and cooling
  • Speedy response nationwide - 24/7/365

Products Designed To Support Manufacturing

gas heater

60kW Gas Heater

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direct fired gas heater

100kW Gas Heater

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FFHT32 18kW Electric Fan Heater

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FF3 Electric Fan Heater

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FF42 Electric Fan Heater

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FF80 Electric Fan Heater

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