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The Importance of Office Heating

About Office Heating

The 1992 Workplace (Health, Safety & Welfare) Regulations suggests that the minimum temperature in a workplace should be approximately 16 degrees. These are advisory guidelines and not legally binding, however, an employer has a responsibility to provide comfortable conditions for their employees working in an office-based setting.

Keeping employees comfortable is not the only benefit of providing temperature control in offices with research indicating that a temperature of 21°C will increase productivity & creativity. If the temperature is lower or higher than this, then potentially productivity could be reduced. Furthermore, research carried out by Cornell university indicates that cold conditions in workplaces lead to more errors & an estimated 10% increase in a worker’s hourly labour cost.

Therefore, it is of the utmost importance that employers provide heating for their workers in an office based environment, especially during the winter.

Heating Hire for Offices

Cross Rental Services have a wide range of heating hire equipment, perfect for office environments. Our electric space heaters can be placed in offices to provide heating in meeting rooms and working areas. If boiler breakdown occurs in an office, then workers will be left in cold conditions or potentially the office will have to close down temporarily. To help solve this issue, Cross Rental Services are able to provide an emergency boiler hire service to get you back to business as usual. Cross Rental Services have plenty of experience in providing emergency boilers for office buildings with us being able to install boilers within 48 hours of first contact.

Nationwide Boiler Hire

Cooling for Summer

In addition to heating, Cross Rental Services are able to provide cooling solutions during hot summers. Our temporary air conditioning equipment such as the duct-able monobloc range are capable of providing office cooling in an unobtrusive way.

ducted air conditioning