Senior Living Facilities

Reduce Risk of Infection & Outbreaks

The elderly are a vulnerable population and more susceptible to illness than younger adults. Pneumonia and lower respiratory tract infections remain the leading cause of mortality in nursing homes and airborne transmission is responsible for 20% of infections. Outbreaks in senior living facilities can not only be dangerous but also costly in staff absenteeism, overtime and closures.


  • Elderly are a vulnerable population
  • Dust mites, pollen, bacteria and mould spores spread through cleaning activities
  • Seasonal ailments such as influenza and allergies can cause outbreaks
  • High visitor and staff traffic


  • Prevents outbreaks by deactivating viruses at the DNA level
  • Allows areas post-patient turnover to be occupied more quickly
  • Reduces indoor allergens and bacteria
  • Contains and eliminates pathogens in high traffic areas