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Ideal boilers for your summer requirements

Our boiler fleet is completely designed and built in our Andover facility; allowing us to build an innovative fleet of boilers to suit a range of applications.

Electric Hot Water Boiler

Meet our electric hot water boiler; ideal in the summer to provide domestic hot water when an existing boiler is down for maintenance or a breakdown. A dedicated unit when heating isn’t required by the client.

  • Three phase electrical supply
  • 250 litre storage capacity
  • Easy to position with pump truck or fork lift equipment
  • Small footprint and can fit through a standard door frame
Hot Water

Portable 22kW Electric Boiler

Our small footprint 22kW electric boilers are able to efficiently speed up the screed drying process. These units are ideal when it comes to keeping your construction on schedule.

  • Underfloor heating screed drying
  • Underfloor heating testing
  • Ancillaries available as required: pumps, flexible hoses, plate packs and power cables
  • Adjustable: full digital controls
  • Installation options; installed by our expert team or dry hired and installed by the client at their convenience

Containerised boiler packages

We have a large fleet of boiler packages ranging from 22kW to 2mW; allowing us to meet any heating and hot water requirements of our clients.

From school boiler maintenance during summer holidays to care home boiler breakdowns; we have a boiler solution for your requirements.

  • Our engineers can directly connect the temporary boiler to a clients existing pipework using storz hoses and fittings.
  • Fuel management and telemetry available.
  • Full range of ancillary equipment; plate heat exchange that offers a separate domestic hot water option, dirt and separators, pressurisation units and integrated pumps that can cover any length of pipe run.

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