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A Look Into Our Coolspace Range

With summer just around the corner, this blog post will provide an overview of our Coolspace range of evaporative coolers. An evaporative cooler is an air conditioning unit which cools the surrounding air through the evaporation of water. Cross Rental Services is an exclusive UK Coolspace Hire distributor providing these products due to their sleek, powerful and durable design.

Coolspace Wave

The Coolspace Wave is a portable and compact evaporative cooler ideal for cooling small spaces such as individual work cells in open industrial areas. The unit has a cooling capacity of 50m² and a high air flow providing an effective temperature drop.

Coolspace Wave

Coolspace 16 (GLACIER)

The Coolspace Glacier is able to provide cooling for an area of 100m² and has a built-in 60 litre water reservoir tank. The unit is ideal for cooling spaces which are well ventilated such as workshops and warehouses.

Coolspace 16

Coolspace 16 (TALLBOY)

The Coolspace Tallboy is a 1.13m high evaporative cooler which features a 20cm thick high efficiency fan. The Tallboy is designed for cooling spaces which are smaller in size and have limited access to open windows.

Coolspace TB

Coolspace 36 (AVALANCHE)

The Coolspace Avalanche is an evaporative cooler designed for cooling workshops and warehouses. The unit features a 90cm fan, a 174 litre water reservoir to ensure long operating hours and a quiet motor for unobtrusive cooling. The Coolspace 36 can be positioned in any well ventilated indoor or outdoor space and is capable of providing 334m² of cooling coverage.

Coolspace 36

Coolspace 48 (BLIZZARD)

Our largest evaporative cooler, the Coolspace 48 features a 122cm fan that can cool an area of up to 425m². The Coolspace Blizzard is able to operate for an extended period of time due to its large 253 litre water reservoir.

Coolspace 48